The capital of Germany is a city serenaded by history. Never-presented histories hidden in many museums and postwar institutions allow the city never to lose its rich persona. This post will show why this city is consistently among the top cities visited by tourists all over. So, what is Berlin famous for? 

  1. The city is home to pieces of history. 

As beautiful and alluring as the city of Berlin currently is, it wasn’t like that. The city was a victim of war, terrible governance, forced division, and many unspeakable riots. Now, in the city’s freedom, the remains of that gruesome time draw people to its abandoned spy stations, dilapidated buildings, abandoned playgrounds, and deserted shelters, including 180 museums with the most famous museums at Museum Island- distributed in the whole of Berlin.  

  1. Diversity

Berlin is home to a lot of diverse people making it a multicultural society and that is what some other tourist locations cannot boast of. In 1989, the Berlin wall fell, and soon after, foreign labourers were welcome into the city. Years later, it has become home to them and can become home to you too when you visit because you do not have to try too hard to blend in.  

Berlin Street Art
  1. Fierce and Unique Art 

In Berlin, whatever kind of art expression you desire, you find. Do you see why it has so many museums? There is no corner of the old yet urban city that is not serenaded by street artists, especially in chic neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Even Night-Time is artistic in itself. The nightlife alone attracts around 40,000 to 50,000 visitors every weekend. Even the art of music is constantly explored and produced by the likes of Bowie and Iggy Pop.  

  1. The city can quench your hunger

The city of Berlin is famous for its local food. The multicultural society has got you whether you are a vegetarian or a holistic eater. It is rich in diverse markets, restaurants, nuts, and bars, dishing out dishes that will leave you wondering. Berlin is famous for all of these and more. 

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