Berlin is undoubtedly exciting during the day but night-time in the German capital is unmatched around the world. Berlin really comes alive at night with great bars and clubs ready to give their visitors the time of their lives. Even the public transport system works around the clock on weekends to transport people to the lively districts in the city.

Perhaps the liveliest night-time district in Berlin is Simon-Dach-Straße. The district is so diverse and colorful. There is a nice blend of hipsters, punk rockers, and old-schoolers.

Berlin Night Life

The diversity of this district is well reflected in its gastronomy. There are different cafés, bars, and restaurants serving food and drinks from various parts of the world. For example, Fatoush is a Syrian that is serving up middle eastern, vegetarian-friendly dishes in the neighborhood. PlusMinusNull is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, and Habana serves Mexican.

Aside from its culinary attractions, there are other highlights like the Kino Intimes, an unconventional cinema where you can watch the latest movie in a room designed to give off an elegant 70s vibe.

If you’re looking to dance, Süss war Gestern is a nice place to be. True to its name, meaning sweet was yesterday, this lounge is styled with furniture, art, and wallpaper from the 60s. It’s been described as a bar with a dance floor and the most popular cocktail is named after the club.

If you’re visiting Berlin, the attractions the city has to offer do not stop when the sun sets, in this city that’s exactly when it begins. To make the most of your night in Berlin, join the Be Original Berlin Pub Crawl, which takes you around the city’s finest bars and closes off in a club where you’re treated like a VIP.