Berlin is known for its fascinating attractions. A vibrant capital city full of artworks, graffiti, museums and theme parks. Honestly, Berlin is just Berlin! Nonetheless, travellers who are adventurous and funky love to explore the city and visit the craziest sites. Berlin offers the opportunity to go weird once in a while with crazy locations day and night. So, if you are you looking for an extraordinary adventure in the city of Berlin, sit tight and go through our list.

Visit the Berliner Unterwelten 

Located underneath Berlin is the one-time mysterious locales and formerly secret subway, air raid shelter and bunker, is the Berlin Unterwelten. If you are crazy enough, then take a walk down the subterranean tunnels – a site used for smuggling people – you’ll see the remains of Hitler’s unaccomplished fantasy capital city, Germania, which was meant to be built on top of Berlin. 

Photo Credit: Berlin Unterwelten Official Facebook page

David Hasselhoff Museum 

Isn’t it crazy to visit a museum located in the basement of a hotel? This small museum is a collection of minutiae dedicated to American actor and singer David Hasselhoff. All you’ll see in this museum is Hasselhoff items stretching from his days as the star of “Knight Rider” to “Baywatch” and his career as a pop singer. It’s a pretty interesting sight we promise.

Museum of Medical History 

One of the craziest things to do in Berlin is to visit this medical museum. Enlarged human brains, newborn babies with deformities in large glass jars, a 132-pound colon and other medical abnormalities are displayed in this museum.