If any city in the world can give you an original fun techno club experience, it’s Berlin! Berlin is popular for its enviable nightlife and its vibrant techno clubs. If you love electronic music and some funky tunes, then a trip down to any of these clubs is a must. A quick tip for easy entry though, ensure you dress like a Berliner (ditch those heels and say hello! to casual clothes). Let’s talk about the top 3 techno clubs in the city of Berlin.

  1. Berghain

Voted the best club in the world more than once, Berghain combines all the positive qualities of techno clubs in Berlin. The club offers two large floors, the main ground floor for techno music and the other, a Panorama Bar for more funky tunes. Note that this club is queer-friendly and so, things may get pretty wild and exotic on some nights. They have a strict entry policy so to increase your chances of being allowed entry, dress casually and avoid peak hours (weekends 1:00 – 4:00). The entry fee costs about 30 to 40 Euros.

  1. About: Blank

Here’s another techno club where you can party hard from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. About: Blank has 2 dance floors and an open garden where DJs perform during the summer. This is also a great spot for the LGBTQ community and has lots of dedicated queer-club nights. The entrance fee is 12-14 Euros. 

  1. Kater Blau

Berlin also has its share of open-air clubs. Located in Holz market, Kater Blau has a nice outdoor area for partying all day. It’s home to frequent visits from popular DJs like Dave Dinger and Dirty Doering and plays techno, house, and electronic music. You’d enjoy the artsy and upbeat vibes of this place. The club is usually open from Friday night to Saturday afternoon and reopens from Saturday midnight to Monday night. The entrance fee is usually 12-15 Euros. 

If you want to explore Berlin’s nightlife to the fullest then the BeOriginal Free Berlin Pub Crawl is your surest bet. Explore the city in the company of vibrant people.