If You want to make the best out of a 24 hours visit to the city of Berlin, you will definitely want to see all that the city has to offer. From the best sights to every traveler’s favorite restaurant, here are all the things you can do in Berlin in 24 hours.

1. Take a Free Walking Tour 

How do you become familiar with a city? By walking around it to grasp its beauty! Visit the Brandenburg Gate and get schooled about the ashes of the Berlin rose. Move on to Reichstag where the parliament, the German Bundestag, meets- it is a political ground that is open to everyone. From there, go see the monument- 2.711 concrete stones that represent the murdered Jews in Europe. All of these can be achieved on the Be Original free Berlin Walking tour. With vibrant guides and a clear knowledge of the city, exploring cannot get any better. 

Berlin’s T.V Tower

2. Explore the Vibrant Markets

The first few activities will occupy your morning and leave you full of knowledge. Go relax in Unter den Linden where culture is on full display. Culture’s definition comes alive- food in different structures, restaurants, bars, and museums containing retro and modern art of the city’s life. Away from the museums, you can enjoy the view of the Berlin cathedral which is the city’s largest cathedral. 

Stroll towards the Humboldt Forum and step into a world of art exhibitions spread over 5 floors. You can decide to delay dinner by going to Bebelplatz which is also on Unter den Linden. You will be lost in some very outstanding Berlin buildings and end at the market where diversity is always on display. 

3.  Visit Berlin’s T.V Tower

One of Berlin’s greatest landmarks is the Berlin T.V tower. You can use 40 secs to get to the top in an elevator where you will see all and sundry. Once you’re done, select from the wide array of food and drinks that catches your fancy in the many restaurants and bars aiding the nightlife in Berlin.a