Pub Crawl and Bar Clubs

One80 Pub Crawl Berlin

Get to know Berlin’s (in)famous nightlife. Meet your guide and mingle with other travelers before heading to the first venue to enjoy your vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum mixers. Give your Friday nightlife more life, with your friends and even strangers. Get to know different pubs near you, or what our bars could offer to pump up your pub crawl experience. Our local tour guides will make sure you know how it feels like to party in a Berlin nightclub.

18,00 Incl. VAT


When: Every day at 21:00

Where: ONE80° Hostel Berlin (Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin) 

Running late?
Catch us from 22:00 at: Belushis Mitte : Ziegel Straße 28 10117 Berlin

Price€18 per person


  • Guests must be 18+ and carry photo ID
  • An AB transit ticket may be required
  • Responsible drinking is encouraged. We reserve the right to dismiss disrespectful guests from the crawl if necessary without refund.
  • Drink specials are subject to the venue visited
  • Due to COVID-19 regulations in Berlin, all guests will need proof of vaccination to attend the pub crawl.


  • Local nightlife guide
  • 4 venues and 1 club
  • Skip-the-line club entry
  • Complimentary shots
  • Drink specials

Berlin Nightlife Pubcrawl Experience

Drink to your heart’s content and once you’ve loosened up, set out into the Berlin night. With Berlin’s iconic TV tower in the backdrop, crawl through the trendy neighborhoods of Mitte and Friedrichshain in search of your next drink. Visit 4 different venues ranging from chic cocktail bars to chill shisha lounges, subterranean electro dives to popping dance halls, and more.

The route of the crawl changes every day to ensure each pub crawl is a truly unique Berlin nightlife pub crawl experience. Follow your guide as you crawl from one location to the next. Reach the club and skip the line with VIP entry and dance the rest of the night away.

If you’re not sure what pub or bar are you going for, there’s nothing to worry about. We have energy bars, bar clubs and many more! What are you waiting for? We’re only one book away!

Why Pub-Crawl With Us?

Excellent Experience

Enjoy complimentary shots and drinks specials (subject to the venue visited) throughout the night.

Terrific Tour Guide

Follow your local nightlife guide as you crawl from one location to the next 

Authentic Nightlife

Three venues + skip the line with VIP club entry and dance until sunrise and end in one’s of Berlin’s biggest clubs.

Instant Support

Pub-crawling gives rise to queries, concerns, and doubts; so we make sure that we’re always here to put your mind at ease

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18,00 Incl. VAT