Be Original Berlin Tours

Been wanting a getaway from your usual busy life?

We’re here to cater your dream of having a good time! Whether you’re alone or with a large group, we have a lot of options ready for you. Our local guides are ready to give you the local experience of Berlin! We have a lot of tour guides ready to provide you the travel guides and tips you need to tour like a local.

From museum to memorials, our local and city guides have the list prepared for you or choose from our Walking Tours. You want to party all night? Check out what the Berlin nightlife offers in our Pub Crawl options.

Walking Tours

Free Berlin Alternative Tour

Experience a different side of Berlin as you go through the city’s hippest district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. See colorful street art while hearing about the local graffiti and arts scene. 

Free Berlin Walking tour

Journey through time as you meander through the historic neighborhood of Mitte with an expert guide. From Alexanderplatz to Brandenburg Gate, our free Berlin walking tour takes you to the city’s most popular attractions and important landmarks.


Head to the quaint city of Potsdam on a half-day tour from Berlin. Admire the Rococo architecture of the royal palaces as you wander their picturesque gardens. 


The Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum serves as painful, yet important reminder of the atrocities committed during Nazi Germany. 

Pub Crawl

One80 Pub Crawl Berlin

Get to know Berlin’s (in)famous nightlife. Meet your guide and mingle with other travelers before heading to the first venue to enjoy your vodka, whisky, gin, and rum mixers. Drink to your heart’s content and once you’ve loosened up set out into the Berlin night. 

Original Berlin Tours Pub Crawl

Crawl with us as we take to the pubs and bars and end the night in one of Berlins Biggest Night Clubs. Here is your ticket for a good night out! Need to know the best place to go? Don’t worry we have it covered. Come hang out with us, as we find our way into some of Berlin’s best nightlife!


Have the ultimate Berlin nightlife experience and party with us two nights in a row. Join both, the One80 Pub Crawl Berlin and the Original Berlin Pub Crawl, to make sure your Berlin nights are well spent. Take advantage of booking the crawls together and save over 20%!